The Benefits of Car Detailing

Car Detailing

When you have a car that needs a little extra care, you might want to consider getting it detailed. This process involves several steps and is a bit more expensive than a normal car wash. If you are looking to make your car look its absolute best, Car Detailing may be right for you. You can do it yourself or hire a professional, but be sure to check the cost first! Here are some benefits of Car Detailing.

Car Detailing is more involved than a regular car wash

While most car washes are quick, the process of detailing a vehicle is more thorough. A detailer uses specialized products and techniques to restore the shine of the car’s paint and luster. Most car washing services require customers to wait between ten and twenty minutes from the time they drop off their car to the time it dries. Car detailing involves using detergents, degreasers, scrubs, and waxes to remove dirt and improve the paint’s reflection.

During the process, your car’s interior and exterior are thoroughly cleaned. Your leather or cloth seats will be shampooed, while the carpet will be cleaned. Your dashboard and door panels will be scrubbed for dirt and stains and given a protective vinyl dressing. Your car’s headlights may also receive a thorough cleaning. Detailing services can even clean the engine bay. It is possible to find services that cater to most vehicle types.

It involves a multi-step process

Professional detailing includes a multi-step process, starting with a wash phase and rinse. The washing step includes the application of soap, either through a foam cannon or by hand with a washing mitt. Early application of soap will remove the most deeply embedded dirt and contaminates. As the soap foams, it begins to lift surface dirt and mud from the paint. Typically, this step occurs at the same time as washing the wheels.

Next, the paint is polished, either by hand or with a machine. This process can take several hours, depending on the quality of the paint. After polishing, the paint is given an additional layer of protection with paste wax. The wax also adds shine to the car. Many car owners also opt for this process to prevent dings and scrapes, especially in the case of paint-covered wheels.

It can be done on your own or by professionals

While you can certainly do it yourself, car detailing requires a lot of work and supplies. Changing the oil and tire pressure regularly are only a few of the many daily tasks that a car owner needs to perform. If the car is not properly detailed, it can damage the paint and affect its value. Additionally, delaying car cleaning can cause the paint to peel or degrade, affecting the way others view you.

Paint correction is a three to four-step process that restores the paint finish by removing surface-damaging contaminants. Depending on the severity of the blemishes, the procedure may take as little as two hours or as long as 16 hours. Professionals may also provide additional services such as waxing, polishing, and reconditioning your car. While you may be tempted to attempt this task yourself, it is best left to a professional.

It costs more than a regular car wash

When you think of a car detailer, the word can invoke images of glossy, new paint and pristine interiors, but it can be hard to know what to expect. Car detailers do more than just spray water and shampoo your car – they also apply sealant and wax to protect your paint. These two treatments will make your car look shiny and protect it from road salt. The extra price tag is justified if you want your car to be the talk of the town.

While a basic car detailing can cost around $100 to $150, it can cost as much as $300 depending on the size of your vehicle. More expensive services include premium car detailing, which includes three times the number of services and ensures top-of-the-line cleanliness. A premium car wash can cost as much as $250 to $350, but you can often find car detailers that charge by the hour, or even offer ala-carte services.